Keep Your Pot in the Flame

by thehealthyqb

I am very proud of the UCLA Bruins victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers last night. I’m happy for the fans, the coaches and, most importantly, the players. It’s amazing when you think about the turnaround they’ve experienced vs. just one year ago. I think it’s important to recognize that the turnaround isn’t merely the result of a few changes here and there, rather, it’s a complete revamping of how things are done at UCLA. My hats off to the coaching staff as they’ve orchestrated a turnaround much faster than many would have anticipated. Recognizing of course that this is game two of the season and that there is a long way to go… this wasn’t Rice they were playing… it was the powerhouse Nebraska.

So what’s different this year vs. last year? How is it possible to have such improvements in such a short period of time? I argue that Coach Mora and staff have mastered the art of always “keeping the pot in the flame”. Indeed, a new level of intensity and confidence has permeated this Bruin program. In my view, this particular group of Bruins has an attitude of seizing the opportunity when it’s presented to them. When things get hot, they keep their pot in the flame. When you keep your pot in the flame, your water boils. With boiling water, you create steam. With steam, you can move anything… even the mighty Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Congratulations UCLA.