How to Accomplish the Seemingly Impossible

by thehealthyqb

In my prior post, I mentioned that I’d be revealing to you two individuals of whom I admire for their mental toughness. Understanding that Dr. Terry Wahls is to serve as a role model for the nutritional component of my overall plan to compete for a position on the Santa Monica College Football Team in 2013, I have chosen Sugar Ray Leonard and Billy Mills as my role models for the mental toughness component of my overall foundation for success.

With respect to Sugar Ray Leonard, who can forget the “Super Fight” of 1987 against Marvelous Marvin Hagler? At that particular point in time, I was a senior in high school, to which memories of this amazing battle certainly served as an inspiration to me ever since. With respect to Sugar Ray’s fight with Hagler, one component of “accomplishing the seemingly impossible” comes to mind and that is… BE FLEXIBLE WITH YOUR PLANS. Nothing is written in stone and if circumstances merit a change of plans, don’t let such changes frustrate you to the point that you become gun shy about moving forward.

In Sugar Ray’s case, the original plan for the Hagler fight was for him to go toe to toe with Hagler and to try and cut him with the thought that perhaps Sugar Ray could win on a TKO. However, it was a mere five days before the fight when Sugar Ray took a heavy blow from his sparring partner that nearly knocked him out and thus persuaded him to rethink his plan of attack. Ray’s plan of attack would be to out-box Hagler. 629 punches later, Sugar Ray Leonard proved victorious over what many perceived to be an unbeatable foe. Had Sugar Ray proved unwilling to accept a change of plans, he may have very well lost the battle against Hagler.

My second inspirational figure as it relates to mental toughness is the Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills. Billy was representing our Country during the 1964 Olympic games in the 10,000 meter run. In order for him to win, he surmised that he’d have to exceed his personal best the in the 10,000 meter run by 2 minutes or so. As you can well imagine, an improvement of such magnitude would be deemed impossible by many. That being said, Billy Mills embraced my next point which is to BREAK SITUATIONS DOWN TO THE SIMPLEST OF FORM so that they do not seem impossible. Watch the following video of Billy Mills explaining how he accomplished the amazing feat of winning gold in the 1964 Olympic games: