Start With a Strong Foundation

by thehealthyqb

The key to any successful endeavor is to have a solid foundation. For my particular challenge, making the Santa Monica College Football Team, my foundation shall consist of a solid nutritional game plan. The issue for me is that there is so much information out there from so called “experts” as to what we should and shouldn’t be eating. Often, the advice that these “experts” give becomes a fad and ultimately deemed not so healthy.

Since I am 43 and will be competing with kids that are half my age, I was hoping to find some solid advice from someone who had the academic and perhaps even medical expertise… but also an athletic background. My choice for this particular component of my game plan was Dr. Terry Wahls of the University of Iowa. I was attracted to Dr. Wahls’ advice because her nutritional guidance was one that promised a restoration of health and vitality.

Dr. Wahls walks her talk. In 2003, Dr. Wahls was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) and soon became dependent upon a tilt-recline wheelchair. After developing what she calls her “Wahls Protocol”, she is now living an active, healthy lifestyle to which she even commutes to work by bicycle.

If Dr. Wahls can combat secondary progressive MS with her diet, I believe, there must certainly be some benefit to me if I were to similarly adopt her protocol. As a former champion in Tai Kwon Do and medical doctor, it was my feeling that Dr. Wahls would serve as a great role model for me.

Dr. Terry Wahls

You can learn more about the Wahls Protocol by visiting her website:

In my next post, I will introduce my role models for my strong mental attitude.